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[cdt-l] Last request for Women's Survey Info

******Please note the addition of torso length in the questions.
If you have already completed the survey and can add this
info, please do so, using the same email as your previous

I don't want to be a pain about this, but just in case anyone
meant to participate but forgot, the end is nigh. <g> I do want to
thank all the women who have trusted me with their info and
ask again for more participation.  As Jerry, the guy who runs
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BackpackGearTest says.
"numbers.....it's all about numbers"  So obviously the more
women who participate, the more influence the survey may have!

As to confidentiality, I don't know what to say to convince anyone
who doesn't know me, that I can be trusted.  This is a generic
post, going out to multiple lists, on some of which I mostly lurk
so my name may not be familiar.  I can only say that you have
my solemn promise that your names will never go beyond me
and as soon as I finish this survey, all the emails will be deleted.
and only your comments, without your names will be included
and passed on to the manufacturers.

Some have you have trusted me with your money on group deals
and in the fundraising efforts for The Place in Damascus and some
of you have trusted other "secrets" with me so I hope you can trust
me to keep my word in this matter.

The questions are

Do you use the sternum straps on your pack?
Do you feel it accommodates the female anatomy?
What is your cup size?
What is your height?
What is your weight?
Measurements? (Bust Waist Hips)
Torso length?
Boot/shoe size?

And feel free to include any gender specific gear related issues that you
would like to pass directly to gear manufacturers.  Jerry will be attending
the "Dealer's Only" Outdoor Show this month and will be sharing what
we learn from this survey with the people who need to hear it the most.
If you have ever wished you could give the person who designed or sized
a piece of gear or clothing an earful, well this is the next best thing,
Personally, I want them to know that outdoor women come in allll
sizes and that there are more differences between a man's pack and a
woman's pack than just the torso length.

OK..off soapbox.  Only takes a minute and could actually help!!!!

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