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[cdt-l] A couple of things.......

Hey there,

I tried to access dickebird.com, but get a site for Charter Communications.  
What's with that?  Anyone have an updated URL?


Although I lost his post to cyberspace, Sloetoe mentioned awhile back that he 
thought more people would hike the CDT, if it was a clearly marked route.  

The fact that the trail's NOT totally finished or clearly marked in spots is 
what I find the most intriguing.  Certainly the challenges of the AT and PCT 
where there, but the trails were easy to follow.  Choosing my own path with 
little more than a map, compass, and the knowledge I've acquired over the 
past few years on the other trails has me excited.  I don't believe I'd feel 
the same if the CDT were a continuously marked footpath.


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