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[cdt-l] update... heading south in June

>For NM south of Grants, I switched to shrunken 1:100000 maps, as I figure 
>the trail is on a lot of roads, etc.

Many people continue to follow roads through New Mexico. Why? I suggest you 
take a look at Alternative Routes as well as Jim Wolf's new guide on New 
Mexico. Also, if anyone is in doubt I recommend you take a look at my new 
book, Along New Mexico's CDT. It is not a guidebook by any means, but the 
the features of NM's CDT in the book are enough to prove that highway 
walking is pointless. Plus you'll miss the best that New Mexico has to 
offer. Take a look and see for yourself.

FYI: the New Mexico guidebook by Bob Julyan, Westcliffe Publishers, is not 
due out till the fall. My book Along New Mexico's CDT, Westclife Publishers, 
should be in stores this week.

Best of luck to all prospective CDT thru- and section hikers.

David Patterson

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