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[cdt-l] CDT ways and means.......

Hey Sly,

Maggot here, that's Margo to the rest of you. Sly, let me 
know a bit before you reach Twin Lakes, CO. I'm not far 
from there (maybe an hour or so) and would love to see 
you. 970-925-2220 is work number. 970-704-9674 is home. 
Keep me in mind.

That goes for anyone else who's hiking the CDT as well. 
Although not right on the trail, I can offer you a bed , 
a roof and a hot tub for a night or a few. Numbers are 

I'm sending this from my work email. Please reply to 

Happy hiking.

Namaste, m

Quoting Slyatpct@aol.com:

> Howdy,
> I think I've decided on what direction I'll be heading next year.  Of
> course,
> nothing is etched in stone, especially on this trail, but I'm considering
> going north through New Mexico and if the conditions are right, flipping
> from
> there and hiking south from Canada.  I figure this way I have the legs to
> help me any snow in Montana and I'll be able to read the guidebooks as
> written.
> I'll probably start earlier than most northbounders, taking it a little
> easy,
> which will be easier on the body and allow time to brush up on route
> finding.
>  I'm still a little perplexed as to the routes I'll be taking, but next
> month
> I get together with CDT alumni and will be able to take a look at his maps
> and figure something out.
> I'm also going to purchase a Suunto X-Lander.  One of those wrist computer,
> altimeter, compass, watch, barometer things.  A buddy of mine who works for
> Galayn's says he can pro deal one for me CHEAP, and has already talked to
> the
> rep about my plans.  I think it will come in very handy.
> That's about it for now,
> Sly
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