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[cdt-l] Cattle Thread

<<  And, yes, I'm as grateful as any hiker for the stock ponds and tanks we 
find along the trail. >> 

Brian called last night from Pie Town, where he was aided by Pie Town's Chief 
Trail Angel whose first name (all I have) is Nita.  Thank you, Nita!  Brian 
confirms exactly what you pointed out, that is, that the stock ponds and 
tanks are there for him to benefit from only because the cattle are there.  
So I stand educated on that score!  'Nuff said.

As general info to hikers, we also established that it takes more than eight 
days to get a package from California to Pie Town, so plan accordingly.  
Pathetic service, considering that I decided against priority mail delivery 
only because they "promised" five-day service.  It's been kind of a dumb week 
around here.