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[CDT-L] Cuba

<< We did real well up to this point - but I think we just parted company.  
 First because, at least last year, there were only two places on the PCT 
 that even approached the "lack" of water quality on much of the CDT.... 
 Either of those would have been a "good" water source on parts of the CDT.
 But the real point is that whether it's good, bad or indifferent, 
 cattle-trampled, duck-shit filled, elk-stirred, brown, green, silver, scuzzy 
 or whatever -- a majority of the water sources on the CDT - and MANY of them 
 on the PCT - were built and are maintained specifically for the cattle. >>

My sentiment, and comment, grew out of an experience at a small natural 
spring that feeds Spanish Needle Creek, in the Owens Peak Wilderness a bit 
north of Walker Pass.  From the first seep of water down to where it became a 
meager trickle, the cattle had pounded all vegetation into muck.  The damage 
could easily have been prevented by fencing a few square feet of the upper 
spring to protect it.  Maybe that's been done since '97.  This was not 
private land as far as I can determine.  

And, yes, I'm as grateful as any hiker for the stock ponds and tanks we find 
along the trail.  Hope we can be on the same page most of the time! ;-)