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[cdt-l] Re: cat food can stove

<< hi, how environmentally friendly is burning alcohol?  is it any better
 than other fuels? ... hope you know.>>

Seraf --  No, I don't really know whether alcohol of white gas is more 
friendly but I suspect that alcohol has the edge.  Neither is going to be a 
significant polluter, at least for long-distance or thruhikers.  If you use 4 
Tbsp (1/4 cup) of fuel per day, as I do, a gallon of fuel will last more than 
2 months on the trail.  How many gallons of fuel did I use getting to the 
trailhead?  No contest.

If this is a major concern, you have the option of not taking a stove at all. 
 Some hikers choose to go this way.  The problem with this is pack weight.  
You can rehydrate some dried food without hot water, but it's a real chore.  
Most people who hike "cold" carry ready-to-eat food.  Carrying one of the 
great new alcohol stoves (less than 2 oz) and fuel will actually reduce your 
pack weight.  

Another consideration is your cooking style.  If you are simmering your meal 
for 20 minutes, you should consider carrying one of the lightweight canister 
stoves.  They are wonderful, weight-efficient machines compared to most of 
the traditional gas stoves.  All stoves have their advantages, and their 
shortcomings.  If you're cooking for a group, go with a gas stove.  If you're 
hiking 15-30 miles per day, carry a CatStove (or Monte's, or the 
TinCanStoveMan's or your own variation.)  Look at your cooking style and, 
when comparing stove options, be sure to consider the weight of stove plus 
fuel that meets your needs.