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[CDT-L] Cuba

The issues with a defined route are as diverse and complex as the people and 
their respective governments. Nevertheless most hikers are aware of the 
options and route variations through New Mexico from my book, Alternative 
Routes. Unfortunately others advocate road routes through New Mexico. 
Alternative Routes is devoted to finding legal, scenic, and direct routes 
off of paved roads. By following primary roads you can whack New Mexico off 
in around 400 miles and see little of what makes the land of enchantment so 
magical. The route I followed through New Mexico was nearly 800 miles.

Regarding the defined or marked route I feel that certain sections of the 
trail should remain incomplete. Many agree that the undefined sections add a 
lot of character to the trail and overall experience. Also, I think that a 
CDT corridor should be established in order to protect and preserve our 
remaining wild lands. This also would serve as a greenbelt or animal 
high-way through the Rockies.

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