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[cdt-l] weather

<< The northern ranges in NM are still holding snow, but a lot has melted out 
 with the recent hot weather.  >>

Brian is hiking the NM CDT now as part of his <A 
HREF="homestead.juno.com/roy.robinson/Main.html">Calendar Triple Crown</A> 
attempt.  Started March 30 at Cumbres Pass and last called in from Cuba, NM 
on April 4.  He reported 2 to 3 feet of snow at 10,000 feet, and snow-free 
below about 7,000.  

It's been warm, perhaps in the 50's during the day, and down to 16 degrees at 
night in the higher elevations.  Some postholing in the afternoon, and windy 
at times on the ridges.  All in all, a whole lot better than the northern AT 
right now!  It looks, according to the National Weather Service, like the 
present front should blow through quickly with "partly cloudy" to follow for 
a few days.  Hope they're right.