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[cdt-l] weather

At 07:42 PM 4/6/01 +0000, David Patterson blasted the following out into 
the ether:
>I just passed through New Mexico yesterday on my way back from hiking in 
>Big Bend. Currently I am in Pagosa Springs enjoying a brilliant winter 
>storm while soaking in the hot springs. (For a while it looked like winter 
>was over!)
>The northern ranges in NM are still holding snow, but a lot has melted out 
>with the recent hot weather. The surface melt is lower than expected due 
>to parched ground soaking up the water. The storm moving through now 
>should help with the dry conditions and pending fire season.

      We're having a wind storm today, with wind gust of 80 MPH recorded 
near Carlsbad, New Mexico.  Sure hope Brian is holed up somewhere out of it.


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