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Re: [CDT-L] Earthlights

Heh heh... I'll keep an eye out for those!!!

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I don't know, I've been hearing alot about those new panoramic cameras, ya
know. "get the whole picture". Kodak is amazing!! Nicholas

Karen Elder wrote:
> :) Well, gee, if we're going to wonder about all this, let's wonder how a
> single picture can have all parts of the earth in it!! I mean, "this" side
> AND the "other" side!!! Amazing -- was it taken right THROUGH the earth?
> perhaps they had a big MIRROR installed!!! And interesting that they
> to photograph in a Mercator projection!!! :)
> Oh, my, and I thought I was just sending a pretty picture... :) Well,
> actually, I thought the discussion on this list would center around those
> fascinating "dark areas" -- that was my first thought -- whoa!, I thought,
> look at Canada, the inner Amazon, Greenland, Australia, Alaska... but, no,
> we had to get into some really weird stuff... :)
> Cabin fever.... cabin fever... cabin fever... Thank goodness the sun has
> returned (Happy Winter Solstice!) -- it's up earlier this morning -- maybe
> the light will enter our brains... (at least in the northern
> ... phew! I need some light in there... starting to get rather touchy...

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