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Re: [CDT-L] Fw: Earthlights from Space Station

Right on Karen-- see my other :-))


At 09:36 AM 12/21/00 -0700, Karen Elder wrote:
>Not picking at or preaching to you, James, but 53.76% of e-mail is wasted on
>telling other people what they shouldn't do when the person writing is doing
>that very thing. Hmmm... think of all that wasted energy that goes into
>running those computers (unless, perhaps, you have learned how to send smoke
>signals via e-mail?).
>Think of Al Gore and Ralph Nader jetting back and forth across the country
>in order to gain the high seat from which to tell the rest of us that our
>use of energy must reduced to save "mother earth".
>BTW, I'm not Christian; I don't celebrate Christmas.
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "James Lofton"
>Not to be picking at you.., but what is cool to some is a VERY disgusting
>sight to others. The lights you find so pretty is also BILLIONS of dollars
>of wasted electricty(30+% of all light is wasted on upward shining). Think
>of all the wasted fuel needed to generate that light, all the polution to
>the air, and damned rivers that we think we need...., when we then waste it.
>Very sad to me. All those lights also rob people from being able to look up
>and see the REAL beauty of lights, the stars.
>..again, not picking at or preaching to you. I just think we sometime don't
>realize that some of that "beauty" has a very high price tag on our mother
>Merry Christmas all.
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