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Re: [CDT-L] Apology

Nicholas -
I think Earl said it best - if you weren't flamed in the first 12 hours, you 
won't need your asbestos underwear here :-)

I once did the same kind of thing - sent what was meant to be a private post 
to a hiking list.  It got me banned from that list - thank God.  Best thing 
that happened to me in years.  But it WAS embarrassing (the mistake - not 
the being banned).  Hang loose, my friend - and keep on hiking.

Walk softly,

Nicholas Canuso <canuso@netzero.net> wrote:
>I just realized a personal e-mail I sent out to one of my lists went to
>this one. I humbly apologize and ask you to please dis-regard it. I've
>made the apropriate adjustments. I hope all of you understand how
>embarassing this is.

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