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This whole area gets its ground water from the Ogala aquifer(spelling likely
wrong), but I'm not sure what aquifer the west side of the state comes from.
Make no mistake about it. Albu. is not making big plans to pipe in water
because they "want" to, it's because they know that the ground water is
drying up and it is a last ditch(pun intended)attemp to continue blowing and
going on with buisness as usual.

Do some digging into it and you will find how fast the wells are falling.
Here the irragation wells loose 30+% pumping rates in the summer(flow rates
drop that much), and usually recharge back up 20+% during a NORMAL winter.
That is not happening anylonger, due to heavy demands placed on it by the
dairy industry and farmers growing high water crops all year. City planners
are wondering if they can provide water for 7 more years here, but I havn't
heard any talk about cutting back on the usages. the mention of that to the
farmers would be sucide to any politition.

My wife are middle to upper 50's and it is looking bleak that our water will
last our life time, in this area.


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