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Fw: [CDT-L] aquifer

Here (below) is the info that James sent to me; he's given me permission to
send it to the list. James, I do know that ABQ's water has a limited
lifespan at the current rate of consumption; I know that's why "they" (we
....) are considering plans for piping in water from somewhere else.

In my answer to David's question (thanks for taking that little "bigger
problems" jibe so well, David -- some day I may learn to resist that kind of
thing), I was saying that *I* don't *know* of any info that says that the
water sources on the CDT are in imminent danger, while I do know that that
is the case with the fast-growing Albuquerque (population-wise). I know that
Albuquerque has grown enormously in the past 20, and past 10, years. I'm
wondering if that is also the case with Clovis, and how much that might make
a difference in the water situation there. Fifteen miles is not a lot, when
it comes to a large aquifer, so those facts may be related.

I agree that the wasteful use of water is a serious problem in this state,
and in this country. What was that old sixties/seventies slogan? Oh, yes,
"Save Water. Shower with a Friend!"  :)  Nowadays, we just xeriscape --
shows what thirty years will do... :)


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