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Re: [CDT-L] aquifer

David Patterson wrote:

> James,
> Thanks for your response. I didn't realize domestic water supplies were so
> threatened. However, with the ranching and irrigation practices you
> described it's no surprise.
> One thing I'd like to address (as Karen mentioned) is that I didn't mean to
> limit the pending water crisis to the needs of CDT hikers. Nevertheless this
> is a CDT forum so I limited my querry to that end.
> Regarding windmills in New Mexico I found it absurd that every holding tank
> that I encountered except for one was uncovered. It makes no sense to
> "continuously" pump water into holding tanks that are exposed to the
> atmosphere. Does anyone know if anything is being done to conserve water in
> that regard?

Sadly, not much, however, you remember the rancher I mentioned that was struggling to
have enough windmils pumping? Well, his daugher, along with his help, has been working on
ways to keep the evaperation down, and even entered this in a national science
competition a year or two ago. One of the ideal I believe was to have some kind of
floating "something?" on the water. Something that would insulate from the sun, but move
out of the way for the cattle to drink, then move back. I believe she even tried pingpong
balls. :-) There were several other plans and they were(are) dead serious about this!
They are trying to survive. These are good people that care about the land, and want to
pass on a way of live and the unspoiled land on down the generations. They work hard to
live with the land, not just take from it.
I know they were also trying to see if differant kinds of tank materials would keep water
from evaperation down as well. I wish i knew his e-mail address and I would pass it on to

On the other side of the coin is people that own or lease land out here and hardly spend
enough time near it to know if they have had a windmill running in a tank and overflowing
on the ground for days at a time. To them the land is just one line of a spreadsheet.

Thanks for your interest!


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