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Re: Fw: [CDT-L] aquifer

Yes, sorry about that confusion, James. I meant to send the question to the
list, but, unlike the other lists I'm on, this one defaults to sending the
message just to the individual. I didn't notice that 'til after I sent the
message to you. I'd like your permission to forward your reply to me to the
entire list, since it contained some interesting info.
P.S. I, too, know that water doesn't just come from a faucet -- my water
comes from a well also. Clovis is about 200 miles away from Albuquerque (for
those without an NM map handy, Clovis is on the NM-TX border) and more than
250 miles away from the closest piece of the CDT. I don't know a lot about
geology, so I could be wrong about this, but I suspect that the wells on
your property are not drawing from the same aquifers as ABQ and the CDT.

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