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Heh heh, well, there are some other fairly serious consequences that tend to
come to mind first... But let me answer your question as far as I can from
the little I know on the subject.

The only aquifer-depletion I've heard about is in regard to the aquifer that
supplies water to the Albuquerque metro area. As the water from the Rio
Grande is completely divided among Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Mexico,
mostly for irrigation, the Albuquerque aquifer is the main source of water
for the city. I have heard talk of replenishing the aquifer by diverting
water from some other river (not the Rio Grande), but I don't remember
off-hand what river that is (it's not in western NM; I vaguely remember it
being in Colorado).

Anyway, I doubt that the windmills and wells along the CDT in New Mexico
draw from the Albuquerque aquifer, so I would guess that the water sources
currently in use along the CDT will still be available.

Albuquerque, NM, USA

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