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[CDT-L] Backpacking.com: seeking articles on trip planning

    I am the editor responsible for articles on planning and logistics for Backpackinglight.com's
eMagazine <www.backpackinglight.com>. We are looking for articles. The following couple of
paragraphs should give you an idea of what we are looking for. If you have any questions or comments
please email me at <krk@speakeasy.org>. If you have articles 

    Planning a trip can be as important as the trip itself, but it need not be a hard task and can,
in fact, be an enjoyable one. And once on the trail, the planning doesn't have to stop. Logistics
and Planning wants articles from hikers about the planing process. What works? What are the
problems? Food and gear are always key concerns. Articles are welcome on the pros and cons of
pre-buying food and using post office drops, or of using food de-hydration. What gear should no one
do without? What gear was unexpectedly useful? How is planning for an overnight trip on a nearby
local trail different from preparing for a long distance hike far from civilization?
    Articles about plans that don't succeed are welcome, too. Have you bailed out of a trip? Tell us
about it. How do you decide what your goals are and when they have been reached or frustrated? 
    Please submit articles, preferably in MS Word format, to Kenneth Knight at <krk@speakeasy.org>.
Author guidelines can be found at <http://backpackinglight.com/AuthorsGuide.doc>.

    The first issue will focus on winter camping trips and techniques. If you have ideas for
articles that focus more specifically on how to plan for a winter trip I'd love to see them.
However, I will consider any articles.

  ** Ken **

**  Kenneth Knight    Web Design, IT Consultant, Software Engineer  **
**       krk@speakeasy.org        http://www.speakeasy.org/~krk     **
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