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Re: [CDT-L] NM Mountain Club

On Tue, 21 Nov 2000 22:03:41 EST CMcdon1039@aol.com writes:
> The New Mexico Mountain Club is working on a non-road route for the CDT
> the north boundary of the Cibola National Forest north of Mount  Taylor
to the 
> town of Cuba.  We have cleared and cairned 30 miles of this 54-mile 
> starting at the national forest boundary northward to Deadman Peaks. 
>  Our  segment is a  scenic alternative to the present road route and it
> convenient  access to clean water sources.  The water sources for the
first 30 
> miles are  Ojo de los Indios, Ojo Frio, and piped well water adjacent
to Arroyo 
> de los  Cerro Colorados.  The 20 miles of trail not yet done will go
> Jones  Canyon Spring and Smoky Spring.  Our route comes back to or
> the road  route at several places.  Presently, it comes back to the
road route 
> and ends just south of Deadman Peaks. 
>  It appears from recent postings that the road sign marking Barrel 
Springs has 
> confused several hikers.  I, like others, have been unable to find 
this  spring.  The 1:24,000 topo quad shows the spring to be about a mile
from the  road sign on a steep brushy hillside.  Even if the spring is 
reliable, there  is no easy access to it.  I will tell BLM that the sign
is confusing  to CDT  hikers and perhaps they will take it down.

I think that's a great trail building project you and the culb are doing.
In these  modern times, you should consider marking the spring locations
with GPS waypoints, and posting such, probably on the club site. The ATC
and PCTA are doing such. With SA removed from the GPS system, onecan get
within 50 feet of a published waypoint.
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