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[CDT-L] Re: Water availability in the Chain of Craters

Tim -
Thank you for trying.
Walk softly,

>I mentioned the situation to the CDTA in Colorado via email after our
>"discussion" about this matter. I suggested that the available stock
>tanks in that area [plastic, above ground, and relatively clean] be
>indicated with signs from the trail, and should also indicate the time
>frame that they would contain water.
>I also mentioned that I didn't see any use in my continuing building or
>maintaining this segment until the water problem was resolved.  Their
>reply was rather ambiguous ... it was felt that the trail should be
>built no matter what, but the water problem, and the one suggested
>solution, was never mentioned.  I haven't been back since.  Too bad ...
>it's a remote, interesting, and pretty segment of the CDT!

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