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Re: [CDT-L] NM Mountain Club

As of last May, there were four water sources on the Chain of Craters road.
That is not, however, the trail which I have not walked.  One of the water
sources is about 0.2 miles north of the southern trail head or terminus on
the Chain of Craters road.  That one is a gasoline powered water well with
the windmill tower intact and it is on the west side of the road somewhat
hidden in the timber.  I recall that there are two sizeable and open water
tanks at this location.  It is difficult to see the windmill tower from the
road when approaching from the south but easy to see approaching from the
north.  There is also another windmill several miles south of this point in
the direction of NM 117.  At this one, there is an open metal tank and a
large, pink fiberglass storage tank in addition to the windmill.  My
recollection is this is on a section which is identified as private on the

From the southern trail head going north on the road, there are two metal
livestock tanks sitting on the road; both are across the road from houses.
North of the northern terminus or trail head, the first water is (should be)
at Ice Caves on NM 53 and then at the Visitor Center on NM 53.  If my memory
is correct, the Visitor Center has an outside faucet on the east side of the

The Chain of Craters road is a dirt road which is not heavily traveled.
From NM 53 headed south to NM 117 on this road, perhaps 70% is in forest
with the lava fields to the east.  Routing this way reduces the paved
walking on NM 117 to perhaps 2 miles.  However, about 5 miles (my memory may
be flawed on this) of paved walking is required on NM 53 to the Visitor
Center.  There, blazed trail paralleling NM 53 can be taken to the
Zuni-Acoma trail head.  I have not walked this section.

Allen Stibora

Jim said:
> So how's the water situation through the Chain of Craters?  That's a
> question - not an argument.

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