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[CDT-L] Winter on the CDT

>>Mike -
>>I'll make this short - but not necessarily sweet.

Yes, I guess a pissing match is warranted now and then if it means we can
get a fraction of decent posts filtering through. I just hope that these two
parties don't cross paths on the same trail soon! But please, in the future,
take the defenses of pride off list or at least put "Off-topic" in the
header so we can filter in the good stuff.

At any rate, I wanted to invite response from those who have hiked the CDT
in the wintertime in the Northern Rockies. In the late 80s I completed a
mid-winter trek across the Madison Plateau and the N end of GTNP from West Y
to Jackson Lake, and have spent a lot of time on the CDT in winters since.

I'm planning another trip from the Lamar trail (YNP NE entrance road) to
Thorofare and across Two Ocean Pass to Turpin Meadow (with no resupply) and
would like to chat with anyone who has mid-winter experience in this area,
particularly regarding the conditions of the crossings of the larger rivers
(i.e., Thorofare, Upper Yellowstone), and the ice climbing potential of the
buttes in the Two Ocean Pass, Thorofare Butte, or Trident areas.

Even if you haven't been in this area, I'd like to know if there are any CDT
mid-winter enthusiasts out there...

Ryan Jordan (Bozeman, MT)
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