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[CDT-L] To change the subject --- to Montana

Did any of you see the article (or hear about it) in the Washington Post

yesterday  (Friday) about the fact that The US Fish and Wildlife Service

plans to reintroduce grizzlies to the Centennials?  The plan is to start

with 25 in 2002, with the hope of eventually attaining a population of
280 bears (in about 50 or 100 years.)

What do you all think?

One thought I had is that they would have to stop the grazing that is
on there now as the cattle would be too vulnerable and there isn't a lot
the bears to eat otherwise.  We saw elk and deer there, but no berries
just sage. Since bears usually eat a lot of vegetation (roots, bulbs
their diet would be a bit lopsided.  Of course, there are fish in the
-- and lots of fishermen too. The local officials oppose it - including
Governor of Idaho, so it may not happen.


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