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Re: [CDT-L] Trail info

Dick, thanks for your routing.  I read the journal you posted on the
internet with interest.

Did you stealth across the Gray ranch or did you get permission?

The Craters dirt road on the west side of El Malpais had 4 water sources
when I drove it last May.  Two of the sources were at wind mills and two
were metal stock tanks on the road.  I don't know if you can get to any of
these sources from the 20 odd mile blazed section of CDT which is west of
the road.

In your journal, you mentioned finding a spring north of Mt. Taylor based on
Wolf's book but you did not specify which spring.  I assumed that was Ojo de
los Indios which is perhaps a half mile west of 239A and down in a canyon.
Is that correct or do you recall?

I spent several hours looking for Barrel Spring and never could find it.

The roads north from Cabezon vary slightly from as drawn on the BLM map.
Key to that road route is making sure you go through the saddle between
Cerro Colorado and Deadman Peaks.  This requires a turn less than a mile
past Cerro Colorado Tank.

Thanks again.

Allen Stibora

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