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Re: [CDT-L] New Lister

Mike -
Have you hiked the "official CDT" route through the Malpais south of Grants? 
  We haven't - and still see no reason whatever to do so - and we have many 
and varied reasons to avoid it.

Have you hiked the "offical CDT" route through the Black Range? We've hiked  
part of that "official CDT" route - it sucked - it was the worst part of New 
Mexico (details on request).  For us, the rest of New Mexico was, if not the 
best part of the trip, at least on a par with anything else out there.  
Personally, I fell in love with New Mexico and if I could find a job there 
you can't imagine how fast I'd be moving there.

I'd suggest that if you're gonna encourage "purism" on the CDT, you go 
thruhike it first.  Then come back and we'll talk about what you did - and 
just how "impure" your hike might have been. There is not, never has been 
and, God willing, never will be a "pure" hike on the CDT. To paraphrase 
Seven of Nine - "Purism is irrelevant".

Oh, yeah --- The hike your own hike thing.  Yep, that's exactly what Ginny 
told her to do.  Reference: trailwise.circumtech.com  (The Thruhiking 

Walk softly - your own way,

>Whoooooa Ginny:
>While I take note of, and admire your experience on the CDT, I would hope
>you are not doing *anything* to negatively influence the possibility of
>Betsy considering a purist hike in regards to that which *is* officially
>marked on the CDT.
>Before she "Doesn't worry about what is 'official' or not official", I 
>encourage her to closely examine her potential satisfaction of a purist's
>hike from all sides of the issue and not be influenced narrowly by the
>thought that "Purism is a non-issue out there."
>Based only on her message below, she seems to me to be experienced and
>motivated.  Hopefully, that experience will lead to an informed decision to
>hike her hike in spite of your comments.
>Clovis, NM
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>Sent: Friday, November 17, 2000 4:15 PM
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>| Betsy, there is no official route through much of New Mexico, and much
>| is "official" you really don't want to do.  There are routes shown on the
>| BLM maps that don't exist on the ground, and official stretches (in the
>| Gila) that haven't been maintained in years. The map we got from the
>| Service showed incomplete sections there, even though that was one of the
>| first stretches of trail to be designated. There is one "official" 
>| through the Malpais that even the BLM (which managed it) told us not to
>| take, as it it was 40 miles waterless.  That may have changed, but that
>| the situation when we went through there.  I suggest you join CDTS and 
>| copy of Jim Wolf's recommended New Mexico Route.  We followed his route
>| through northern New Mexico (a good route, we thought) and followed
>| generally his route through southern New Mexico -- with some variations.
>| can send you information on our route and some alternatives we 
>| if you like. Dividends (the CDTS newsletter) gives alternate routes and
>| updates on the existing routes.  Another alternative is to contact the
>| Mountain Club of New Mexico (they have a web site).  They did a trail
>| reroute last year of the 50 mile stretch south of Cuba.
>| Don't worry about "official" or not official.  One of the great
>| of the CDT is that you can pick your own route so that you make the hike
>| what you want it to be.  There is a tremendous freedom to that.  Purism 
>| non-issue out there.
>| Ginny
>| (CDT 99)

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