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Re: [CDT-L] New Lister

Whoooooa Ginny:

While I take note of, and admire your experience on the CDT, I would hope
you are not doing *anything* to negatively influence the possibility of
Betsy considering a purist hike in regards to that which *is* officially
marked on the CDT.

Before she "Doesn't worry about what is 'official' or not official", I would
encourage her to closely examine her potential satisfaction of a purist's
hike from all sides of the issue and not be influenced narrowly by the
thought that "Purism is a non-issue out there."

Based only on her message below, she seems to me to be experienced and
motivated.  Hopefully, that experience will lead to an informed decision to
hike her hike in spite of your comments.

Clovis, NM

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