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[CDT-L] Centennial Mountains

Hi all,

The maps I currently have of the Centennial Mountains area west of
Yellowstone on the Montana/Idaho border are the Forest Service maps.  They
seem adequate for following roads or well marked trails, but at 1/2 inch to
the mile and no topographic information, they don't seem adequate for hard
to navigate areas.  Jim Wolf's guidebook and  "Alternate Routes" suggest
that supplementary maps may be necessary in this area.  Any opinions from
recent hikers?  Is the trail through here well marked?  If the official
route is easy to follow, where should I resupply?  What additional maps
should I get if I want to follow Jim's route?  I could get all the 7.5
minute USGS maps for that section, but is that overkill?  Are the USGS maps
out of date?  There's been a lot of recent trail work in this area.

Thanks for any help.
Brian Robinson
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