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Had a good hike through the Weminuche Wilderness of the San Juans.  Good but 
hot weather for 4 days, which the bow and muzzle loaders didn’t like because 
the elk were too hot to move during the day.  Saw a herd of elk the 4th day, 
as well as blue birds, robins (always), juncos, 1 bald eagle, hawks, 
flickers, gray jays, Stellar’s jays, marmots, konis, etc.  Beautiful, open 
forests.  Snowed above 5000 ft. the last night, so walked through a lot of 
slush and wet brush the 5th and last day; was glad to be getting out.  Ended 
up walking from Wolf Creek Pass north of  Pagosa Springs, CO to the exit 
into Cunningham Gulch outside of Silverton, CO.  The San Juan scenery is 
grand, majestic, high (10,000 to 12,500 ft. elevations generally – lots of 
huffing and puffing) and just plain unique – a very worthwhile visit.
Enough for the CDT!  Although I didn’t hike middle CO and the 
Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness in MT, (which is being spoiled for a long time 
by the fires currently burning) I feel like “I’ve seen it all”.  No current 
long-distance hiking plans – will rest and think about it for a while.
Hope you had a good summer and that the winter holds new adventures and 
rewards for you.

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