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At 05:10 PM 9/21/00 -0400, Jesse Whyte blasted the following out into the 
>Did anyone else have any experience with GPS technology?  Any receiver
>better than any other?

      I have some limited experience with GPS, but not with  hiking.  I'm a 
ham radio operator, and I use GPS in conjunction with that hobby.

      The biggest thing to remember is to get a GPS with (at least) a 12 
channel parallel receiver.  This means that it will receive 12 satellites 
SIMULTANEOUSLY.  Most of today's receivers do this, some do 
not.  Generally, Garmin does.

      Shop around and you can get some great prices.  the Etrex unit sells 
for around $120, I think, and it's probably OK, but the GPS-3+ is 
better.  Of course, it'll cost a bit more.  For backpacking, you probably 
don't need a GPS with street-level maps built in, but if you already have 
one, it's probably OK to use.

      I know of several mailing lists concerning the GPS system, ask in 
direct email and I'll give you the info.


Earl Needham, KD5XB    mailto:KD5XB@AMSAT.ORG
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