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> Hi, Jesse: I did the CDT summer of '99. I used a Wolf Guide through New
> Mexico that helped me find some springs but some of the directions were
> actually incorrect. I went south to north and the guide was north to
> The Patterson guide is good. I didn't find I needed it that much but used
> it on occasion. There are four new guides out I believe by Westcliff
> publishing in Denver. I used a galley copy of the Montana guide by Lyanna
> Howard. It was very helpful--her email(PrueHeart2@aol.com). She has a
> website--look up Pureheart.
> On my site www.dickebird.com I have a page with my journal that will give
> the trail some personality for you. I used four Delorme topo map books-one
> for each state and bought Forest Service maps as I needed them along the
> way. There is very little trail in New Mexico--Gila and San Pedro-- the
> rest is jeep trails bushwhacking, forest service roads and BLM roads.
> Colorado is pretty well marked, Wyoming is very easy to route and the
> Howard book will get you through Montana with no problem.
> If you have any questions feel free to email me.
> --Keep Smilin, Dick Mallery
> The Dick E. Bird News
> P.O. Box 377
> Acme, MI 49610
> The Dick E. Bird News
> <http://www.dickebird.com>
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