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[CDT-L] Guidebooks: Your opinions appreciated

First off, perhaps a little background.  I'm trying to plan for a 2001 thru-hike.  I've got the guidebooks available from CDTA on order (various authors).  I haven't seen them yet, so I can't really comment on them.
In doing research on the web, I've discovered another set of guidebooks with a much older copyright date written by Jim Wolf (available through www.adventuroustraveler.com).  What are your thoughts on these alternative guidebooks?  Are they complementary?  Will both be useful for my planning?  Is one better than the other in terms of trailside reading or routefinding?  Are they both still current enough?  Before I forget, I'm also trying to get a hold of Alternative Routes from David Patterson.
Are there any other resources that are useful?  I haven't seen an "all-in-one" package of TI or USGS maps yet -- am I going to have to purchase these individually?  Not that this is bad, but the chance of error is slightly greater on my part.  Any other advice for a hopeful?
Thanks for your help - your archives are full of great information.