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[CDT-L] Off to San Juans

Finished sewing projects:  The new pack rides close and high on the back and 
is very comfortable.  The new rain parka covers the pack, is open and airy, 
and MUCH more comfortable than having it under the pack straps - no need for 
water-proof/breathable fabric, and weighs only 6.5 oz. (Someone must 
have/should have come up with this design before, because it works THAT 

Travelling to Pagosa Springs, CO tonight to hike from Wolf Creek Pass to San 
Luis Pass (No. of Creede, CO).  The CDT finale for me!

Will return home Sat., Sept 23 just in time to construct a new tarp-tent 
design (flatter roof, more open and airy) to show at the ALDHA-West 
(long-distance hikers) Gathering at Mt Hood, Sept. 29 - Oct. 1.  Also plan 
to attend the Appalachian LDHA Gathering in Athens, W. VA Oct. 6-8.

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