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[CDT-L] Home from Wind Rivers in WY

Howdy!!  Spent 4 beautiful days in the Bridger Wilderness of the Wind River 
Range.  Outstanding; truly the highlight of the CDT for me.  A different 
lake EVERY hour.  Most lakes with glacier polished rock; the northern lakes 
were above treeline with the g. polished rock, and the southern lakes were 
surrounded by evergreens and grasses.  Started at the Green River Lakes end; 
beautiful meadows, waterfowl, moose, etc.  Saw lots of tree squirrels, 
ptarmigan, koni, and a couple more trumpeter swans, jays, robins (of 
course), etc.  Spent one night at the Big Sandy Lodge; would like to go back 
some time to fish and horseback ride - very relaxing place.
Busy sewing up some new gear.  Just finished a revised pack - smaller, 
taller, and it fits a lot better.  Plan to do a rain parka that also covers 
the pack next, and then a redesign of the 1-man tarp-tent with more head 
room that should be easier to sew also.
If all this gets done before the snow flies in So. CO, I'll head to the San 
Juans to complete the CDT this year; if not, there's next year.
Hope everyone is well and that you all had a good summer.  Best wishes for 
an enjoyable fall and winter.
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