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Re: [CDT-L] Re: Ghost Ranch

Ghost Ranch conference center is just beyond the Living Museum if you are 
traveling northbound. There's a neat trail that departs from the Living 
Museum. It crosses a swinging bridge in route to the "other" Ghost Ranch. 
Believe me it can be confusing because there are several facilities in the 
immediate area that utilize the Ghost Ranch Name. One is the living museum, 
the other the Conference Center, another a working cattle ranch, and then 
there's Georgia O'keffe's former home and studio.

It's a great place to resupply and the people are extremely friendly. The 
AYCE at the cafeteria is something you shouldn't miss. There are camping 
facilities, a laundry facility, library, pay phone, and snack items. YOu can 
pick up your parcel at the check in- info center. Try not to send your 
parcel too far in advance of your arrival if possible. That way their 
facilities will not be inundated with hiker packages and they will hopefully 
contine to extend this service to the distance hiking community.

If you have additional questions feel free to contact me off list: 

David Patterson
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