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 >Hi all,
 >I'm going through the seemingly endless process of planning for a CDT
 >thru-hike in '01 and I have a question about Ghost Ranch near Abiquiu New
 >Mexico.  I'd like to use it as a resupply point as recommended by David
 >Patterson in "Alternative Routes," but I can't figure out exactly where the
 >resupply point is on my BLM and/or National Forest maps.
 >1)  Patterson lists "Ghost Ranch Conference Center, Abiquiu NM 87510" as the
 >resupply point.
 >2)  There is a couple square mile piece of private property called "Ghost
 >Ranch" at the mouth of Arroyo del Yeso.
 >3)  There is a "Ghost Ranch Living Museum" on Hwy 84 apparently run by the
 >Forest Service.  This is a couple miles from #2.
 >So where is #1 on my map?  I don't mind losing the trail once in a while,
 >but I'm not eager to lose a resupply point if you know what I mean.
 >Thanks in advance for any help,
 >Brian Robinson

The Conference Center is at the Ghost Ranch at the mouth of Arroyo del Yeso. 
For more details, see the guidebook (Carson National Forest Segment, Section 

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