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Hello, everybody!!
Sitting in Lincoln, MT, waiting for the bus to arrive and wisk me off to the 
Wind Rivers.  Had 2+ days of hiking north of US Hwy 12, McDonald Pass, to 
Stemple Pass, and then bailed out to Lincoln when we were informed that the 
east side of the divide was closed to all recreational use!!  Walked dowm 
Stemple Pass Road, past Ted Kycinski's former abode and into Lincoln.  Been 
somewhat smoky, but much less so than over by the Idaho border around 
Wisdom, MT, which is directly down wind from all the big Idaho fires.  The 
Anaconda-Pintler Forest may be so heavily burned that it will be lousy 
hiking for many years to come; too bad, such a beautiful area we are told.
Will be in the Wind Rivers for 7 days and then back home for the Labor Day 
weekend.  After a few days it'll be back to Colorado for a couple weeks to 
finish up the CDT - Yeah!
Rob of Loxley Adamson will road walk to Glacier in order to complete his CDT 
hike before returning to England; everything in MT is now closed, except for 
the national parks, Glacier in particular.  He will meet Leslie Clapp and 
Blaise DuBois for the walk thru Glacier Park and the triumphant finallie in 
Waterton Lakes.
Take care,
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