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[CDT-L] USFS Closings

Got this info off the WWW, is your planning on hiking anywhere near these
places, ckeck first.
It has just been announced that the Anaconda-Pintlar Wilderness, and a
considerable area around it, has been closed due to the rash of
lightning-caused fires that have broken out in the area. US 93 from
Darby, Montana to Salmon, ID is closed indefinately due to numerous

There also several large fires burning in or on the edge of the Bob
Marshall Wilderness in Montana, the Selway-Bitteroot Wilderness in
Montana/Idaho, the Frank Church Wilderness in Idaho, and the southern
end of the Gros Ventre Wilderness in Wyoming.

The Jackson Hole news reports that the Wyoming mountains south of
Yellowstone Park are drier now than in 1988 when half of Yellowstone
burned (as well as about 600,000 acres just outside its boundary).

Oddly, Yellowstone Park this year is a relative island of green in the
Western drought. It has had normal spring and summer precipitation.
Nevertheless, a couple of small fires are burning in Yelowstone Park.
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