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[CDT-L] Questions about thru-hike

      Anna Pegler (DPegler204@aol.com) sent the following message.  she 
isn't subscribed to the list, but I've emailed her the info on how to 
subscribe, so maybe we'll see her on the list.  In the meantime, if someone 
would like to answer, please ensure that your answers go to both CDT-L AND 
to her.


>To Whom It May Concern:
>How can I get on the CDT-L mailing list?
>I am planning to hike the CDT next year, and I have never done a thru-hike
>before.  When would be a good date to try to reach Colorado, hiking from
>Mexico, so I do not hit too much snow?  I don't want to get to Glacier too
>late, but I don't want to get to Colorado too early.
>Also, I don't know whether to use Trails Illustrated maps for my hike, or
>USGS, or both.  Or TI for parts of the trip and USGS for other parts.  And I
>don't know whether to use the guidebooks by Jim Wolf or the guidebooks sold
>through the Continental Divide Trail Alliance.  Or both. Does anyone have
>input to give me?
>Thank you very much.
>Anna Pegler

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