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[CDT-L] In Twin Lakes, CO

Hi, everyone.
Having a nice 2 day stay here, in relative peace and quiet, while trying to 
rehab a sore right leg, and develop some more enthusiasm to pound the trail. 
  Got here in 3 days instead of 4, so was going too long each day.  Passed 3 
different northbound CDT hikers, one a merchant marine engineer, and two 
guys nearly deaf but still able to communicate and have a good hike.  Camped 
two nights running with two different Colorado Trail hikers, one a 
burned-out engineer from Siemens (formally Westinghouse) who worked on oxide 
fuel cells in Pittsburg, and another that teaches woodworking at an Eckerd 
Youth Alternative Camp in North Carolina.
This section started with 15 miles of asphalt bike path from Silverthorne to 
Copper Mountain ski area (my choice of alternative routes), which I could 
have done on a local bus - dumb, or what?  Camped at a beautiful spring.  
Next night was in a meadow, cooking in the vestibule while it rained.  The 
third and last night it rained for 3-4 hours starting around 5 pm.  Passed 
thru Camp Hale and a memorial at Tennessee Pass to the 10th Mountain 
Division, which fought in Italy, scaling mountains and walls to break the 
German defenses in 1945.  Also, another memorial to another group that 
fought with the Norwegian resistance to liberate Norway.  Both memorials 
were interesting and moving.  The memorials are on US 24.
Passed Mt. Elbert the highest peak in the contiguous US at something like 
14,433 ft., and 4000 ft. e-gain from the trail.  You climb it, not me; Mt. 
Aix is about the same e-gain, and I've been there and done that.
Got to get off John's computer.  Much kindness and hospitality here at the 
Nordic Inn.
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