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Hello from Silverthorne, CO.
Had two nice days visiting the Zerwecks in Tabernash, CO; Jean delivered me 
up to Berthod Pass two days ago.
At the pass were about 25 members of Pi Beta Phi fraternity, who were biking 
from San Francisco to Wash DC.
Only 1.5 hours down the trail Dan Fleischer came up the trail; he is 
thru-hiking the CDT and a ALDHA-West member, and he has also built a one-man 
tent using my plans.  We had a good lunch together with a lot of information 
exchange.  He and I both agreed that it gets a little lonely on the CDT at 
times.  Possibly, our schedules will allow us to hike from Mack's Inn, ID to 
Lincoln, MT together in Aug., with Rob of Loxley I hope.
The scenery has been magnificent - wide open ridges covered by patches of 
tiny flowers.  Have stumbled across several ptamigan, quite a few deer 
(several 4-5 pointers), and a billy goat right next to the trail.  All of 
this makes all the work worthwhile; the first day there was a lot of huffing 
and puffing with the slightest exertion, due to the 10,000 to 12,000 foot 
elevations.  I really was thinking, 'is this worth it?', but it was better 
yesterday afternoon and this morning, so I continue.  The first night at 
Jones Pass was windy and noisy with the tent flapping, but I didn't expect 
to sleep much the first night out any way.  Last night below Ptarmigan Pass 
was much better.  Daylight comes early in the high ridges, before 5 am, so 
one gets off early.
I leave here tomorrow morning.  Please keep in touch via this hotmail 
Best wishes to all.
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