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[CDT-L] Glacier Park

David: Thank you for your input. I talked to Bob Julyan before my hike and
we even talked about hooking up for a stretch of NM, but it never happened.
 I will contact him. 
I didn't want you to misunderstand my conversation with Butch Farabee,
Asst. Super at Glacier. When he told me to camp where I wanted and hike
were I wanted he meant in designated campgrounds and designated trails. I
wanted to hike the traditional route through Glacier in five days from
Marias Pass to Waterton Town Site. My problem was with backcountry permit
rangers working their last day of the season and I believe messing with me.
I went to the permit office at Two Medicine Campground to get my permit.
I'd heard so many stories about CDT hikers being hassled getting permitted
through the park and I wanted to do things right and see what would happen.
I was in the office for an hour. They kept wanting twenty bucks for an
advance reservation but I refused to pay it. The reason for the advance
reservation is because if you do it their way you start your permit at 2
Med because you can day hike from Marias to 2 Med. Since you are not going
to start your hike for 24 hours (you are going to spend that time going to
Marias and hiking into 2 Med) they want a 20 dollar reservation fee. 
 What they should be offering CDT hikers that want to do long mileage is a
16 dollar permit beginning (same day) at Marias Pass to 2 Med, Red Eagle
Lake, Swiftcurrent, Fifty Mtn. That would cost half of the 32 dollar permit
they wanted from me to do the same thing. You can't hike from Marias to 2
Med and get there before they close. No flexibility even in September when
no one is around. I watched the video, and we agreed on my route and
campsites. They agreed to let my wife pick up my permit the next day and
not charge me the 20 bucks. I went back to Marias Pass--did my 26 miles the
next day, came in after the office was closed and found my permit, going
places I didn’t want to go and in the park an extra day I wouldn’t be
there. Totally different from my agreed upon permit the day before. 
I am usually pretty laid back but my advice is: after you walk 3,000 miles
you try to play by the rules. If that doesn't work you call the CEO. Never
start at the bottom and work up. It always works better the other way
around. I don't want Glacier to stop monitoring the backcountry. I think
crowd control is necessary. I just want it done properly, fairly,
efficiently and responsibly. That way everybody KEEPS SMILIN'. 
I know that Laura and Leslie who finished the trail a week before I did had
to go the Chief Mountain route because they could not get permitted through
the traditional route. That is not right. The system they have been using
creates many ghost reservations and the backcountry campsites are usually
less than filled. I found no on at any of my sites except 50 Mountain and
there were still sites left for me to choose from.
Again, thanks. Hope your route guide is selling well. I do agree that
alternate routing instead of a single trail has some adventuresome appeal
but I don't think those alternate routes have to be dozens of miles from
the Divide.
Keep Smilin', Dick Mallery
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