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Re: [CDT-L] Address for Big Sandy Lodge, WY

At 08:25 AM 6/7/00 -0600, Bill Gurwell blasted the following out into the 
>New owners took over last summer, so the Kelly's address in Boulder, WY is 
>probably N.G.  I wonder if the other address is O.K.:
>Big Sandy Lodge
>#8 Spotted Tail Circle
>Rock Springs, WY 82901
>Does anybody know the correct address???
>Bill Gurwell

         I called information and got their phone number (307-382-6513) and 
called the lodge.  Unfortunately, I got the answering machine, which says 
the best time to call is evenings, after 6, Mountain time.

         If nobody else does so, I'll give them a ring tonight and try to 
verify the address.

         The answering machine also offers brochures, etc.,  if you leave 
your address.


Earl Needham, 
Clovis, New Mexico      DM84jk N34d 25.446 W103d 12.700 (or so)

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