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[CDT-L] CDT-Segment #27

ATTN: Steve Stratton, Adopt-A-Trail Coordinator
Hi Steve!  
   Earlier discussion on the CDT-List brings up a valid concern for this 
segment [Chain of Craters, just south of Grants, NM] ... the lack of water 
sources for thru-hikers. 
   I wish to continue as volunteer "adopter" for this segment, but am 
reluctant to continue construction and maintenance there until this issue is 
resolved.  In essence, I feel that we are building a trail that nobody will 
use until at least one reliable water source is established somewhere on its 
length [preferably mid-way].  I have mentioned this to the BLM ranger 
responsible for this area.  There is a potential water source available in 
parts of this segment, but its use by hikers seems to be subject to 
permission by local farmers [who evidently financed construction of the water 
lines involved].  There is also a question of when the lines actually contain 
water, since it appears that they are drained over winter. 
   Could you please clarify this issue with Ken Jones at the Grant's BLM 
office, and advise me of any results.
Tim Shaffer
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