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[CDT-L] CD Hikers to help promote nonprofit org!!!!

My name is Bruce Moody, and I am member of I-SAFE America.  Weíre a
nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that a childís experience on
the Internet is safe, educational, and fun.

I am writing for advice.  I would like to know how to get in touch with
individuals and teams preparing to hike to Continental Divide.  If I can
reach them in the planning stages, I would be able to discuss the idea of
them representing our organization during their travels.

As people learn about their amazing travels, they will also learn about our
proactive education programs. By working together the Internet will become
source of unparalleled opportunities for our youth.

We are committed to teaching children how to use the Internet with
confidence, responsible behavior, and to become "StreetSmart Cyber
Citizens".  Thatís why I-SAFE has implemented the first Internet Safety
Education Program throughout school districts, nationwide.

With your help, we can inform the public that there is an organization that
helps parents, schools, and community organizations teach their children to
steer clear of harm while on the Internet.  A group or person crossing the
Divide with an endorsement of our organization would attract the public and
media attention we need to spread the word.

We are grateful for your time and assistance. Please contact me when you are
able, and please donít hesitate if you have any question about our
organization, our programs, or issues relating to children and the Internet.

Bruce Moody
I-SAFE America
(703) 428-1158

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