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[CDT-L] On the trail


My name is Jonalu, and I am NOT a long-distance hiker.  However, I am a
support person, having supported the Stars (Lucky Star and Wandering
Star; aka, Jane Powell & Kathy Faulks) through hikes on the Appalachian
Trail & Pacific Crest Trail.  Together, we have been reading the CDT
list, and the moment has come.  I have just returned from depositing them
in New Mexico.  I did join them for a few days' hike before I had to come

We used Joseph Gendron's route beginning, if I remember right, at marker
48 on the border with Mexico.  Water was scarce (thank goodness for
windmills!); we started out carrying about 13 1/2 quarts total to start
(OK, they each carried 5 & I had 3.5 -- I told you I'm not a hiker).  We
arranged with a rancher to take us out to the middle of nowhere where we
started.  A bit of cross country -- which is rough; those canyons can
close up on you, and the vegetation eats people (Ok, it only seriously
scars them).  They'll come up to Separ in a couple days, and hopefully
hook up with Joseph.

We spent the night before the trail in Columbus at a cheap hotel that was
a perfect starting point; what a lovely little town.  Had dinner the
night before in Palomas.  I highly recommend that part of the trip --
then again, I'm not a long-distance hiker!!


Ah, well, you probably
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