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FW: [CDT-L] northbound vs southbound on the CDT

>Biggest advantage - Jim Wolf's guidebooks are written north to south.
>That makes a big difference in trying to find your way in iffy country. 

To complicate matters nicely, the two new "official" guidebooks published by
Westcliffe  (WY, by Lora Davis, and ID/MT by Lynna Howard) are both written
from South to North.  They'll be out in late June/early July.  As section
hikers, we can go with the flow, so to speak.  For us, NM was northbound...
From the Winds through Colorado was southbound (to take advantage of Tom
Jones CO CDT Guide)...  and the new guidebooks will probably point us north
again.  Two mixed up hikers... but enjoying it either way!

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