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Re: [CDT-L] [cdt-l] stoves

David Patterson wrote:

> >On a "march", like the CDT,
> What do you mean by "march"? Why do some hikers equate longer mileage days
> with slogging? Personally I enjoy walking and that's one of the reasons I'm
> out there. Also, I emphatically disagree with the statement that hikers who
> cover more daily miles see less. Not true, some just have a natural gait
> that's faster than others and their walking speed does absulutely nothing to
> detract from the experience.

Agreed. I too tend to cover ground at a fast clip. I talk pretty bad, and write
worse, so nothing was meant negatively, per se. I just meant, that when one
takes on a trip like the CDT, and wants to complete it in one season, that maybe
one has better things on their mind that "playing" with a stove, when all they
really might want is something hot and NOW.
I also tend to attack(tackle, start, etc)a trip, with the "what's over there, or
what's it look like in there", versa, a "I want to add this to my list.
Once again, nothing negative about that statement. However, as someone mentioned
a week or so ago, the big three get alot of attention, when there are LOTS of
places to hike that don't. MANY are far wilder, atleast as pretty, the bears and
other critters havn't been trained to poach, unlikely to see the signs of man or
their bovines, no trails to loose(because their are only game trails), you're
only lost when you say so, but most important(to me), the trip is over when you
call it off. (no official start or ending place).....and yes, sometimes it gets
down to real slogging.

> >If I was going on a long hike, where covering miles was the name of the
> >game, the
> >home made esbit stove would be what I would take, and meals planned around
> >it.
> I'm dubious of esbit and solid fuel stoves. On the CDT I camped with a guy a
> few times using solid fuel and it took him nearly 3 times as long to boil
> water. Also, the fumes that came from the combustion were horrible. IMO,
> wood is a better alternative to burning chemicals because it is a renewable
> source that's natural.

As I mentioned, I have a home made stove. I also have a home made pot. The pot
and the stove fit inside a Allanden sp? insulated mug. One tab will heat 1 pot
of water to a boil(I don't even watch it). This isn't for 3 course meals, just
for instant type stuff or a cup of hot liquid.

> Another negative to the zzip is if you have to melt snow for water. Once
> again, depending on the wind your water can taste like wood smoke. I'll take
> smoked cheese etc. anytime, but have to pass on the smoked water.

I made my living for 9 years fighting forest fires.. The smell of smoke brings
differant memories to me, most good.

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