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Re: [CDT-L] [cdt-l] stoves

In 96 on the PCT it rained nearly everyday and night in Washington except 
for the last few. I was traveling with a few people including Walkin' Jim 
and all three of them were using zzip stoves. Once you get good at building 
fires it's easy, or so they made it seem. All professed the attributes of 
the zzip and found it to work especially well in the desert. Go figure, 
plenty of dry volatile wood.

Nevertheless few people who use the zzip will admit it takes twice as long 
to boil equivalent amounts of water. Plus it burns dirty and you'll need a 
bag or carrying case to prevent soot from getting all over your gear and 
clothes. Also, depending on wind direction you can get smoked out of your 
tent or shelter, not to mention you, your clothes, and shelter will reek of 
wood smoke. All of the above led a fellow thru-hiker Big Bear to dub the 
zzip "stinky stove".
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