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Bob, I haven't used a zzip, but I'm intrigued, too. having hike both of those 
trails Here's what I'd say: The chance of finding nothing burnable is usually 
avoidable. Obviously, you're giving up above treeline sites in rock-and-ice 
country. , but not a lot of people camp in those. I've had rare nights 
(always raining) when something clogged in the MSR (no longer my stove of 
choice) -- jwe ust ate cold food then. However, on the PCT, we had 24 aout of 
28 days of heavy rain in Washington. If you' were insane enough to keep going 
in those conditions, you wouldn't have wanted a Zzip. However, I'd consider a 
Zzip on the PCT through Oregon, then switch to a liquid gas or cartridge 
stove. On the CDT, I'd think you could have problems in Colorado -- just 
because of the lack of fuel up high. It kinda violates minimum impact to 
strip down the single struggling bush for fuel! So that would limit your 
campsites somewhat, but I think you could still do it.       


I can really address the issue of regulations. The reason for the occasional 
bans seems to be the fear of fire from ashes that aren't completely out. 
Seems to me you could get the same results by requiring that wood burning 
stoves be used near a water source, so the ashes could be conveniently and 
thoroughly extinguished.  
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